Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Chuck *SPOILERS INSIDE*

I know it may be a little bit early to request a model off of DR2: OTR since it recently came out but I hope if it’s possible for someone to get Chuck Greene from the game.

Before you even rate this dumb: This isn’t the same Chuck Greene as himself in DR2, he’s completely different because this time, [sp]he’s a pyschopath that you can fight[/sp].

Here are some images of him in-game:

And this is cutscene he’s in:

Awesome face with “Nobody messes with my kid”. :v:



If this is gonna happen then this needs both with and without the doll

Weird stuff, I support it though, I should get myself Off the Record. Is this the actual story though? Or does it tie into one of the alternate endings to the original DR2?

It’s a non-canon ‘What if’ scenario of Frank West being the hero of DR2 instead of Chuck Greene.

heres a obj converter

tools for extracting big file

ill support this to