Dead rising 2/Off the Record Models and ragdolls.

I’m looking for these people everywhere,Like Survivors and Psychopaths from DR2.In OTR,there are some new characters and stuff,I only have the Chuck and Frank Ragdolls. So Yeah :slight_smile:

Didn’t the game just come out?

Give people time to play and then figure to rip it.

Ripping is the same as DR2, I got a bunch of props from it

Are you able to rip some Survivors,New Frank and Chuck. If you can do like the DR2 prop pack I believe you did

you don’t need to rip, you can just port with some tools that were posted around

the textures are really low res though

Was going to get crazy chuck, and frank, at the moment.

I thought crazy chuck is a pre-render only. well like I know something, I didn’t even play the game yet.

I think the tools only work with the characters, not props

He was ingame, as you fight him. And those cine are in game too. Since, when you customize your outfit, you notice how the outfit changes in those cine.

oh wait yeah that’s true…lay&thread=354
heres a obj converter

tools for extracting big file

or if someone gives me samples of the character files I can put the models together and export them to obj
its really simple to do it just takes a long time, like 12 minutes a model

Hey, all I know is that Capcom can really repack the same stuff and just change the title, so it should be like Dead Rising 2. But plasmids way worked best for me.