Dead Rising 2 Off The Record props

All the exclusive props and weapons to Dead Rising 2 Off The Record ripped


Capcom-models and textures

Eggman249-Playing co-op and allowing me to rip Chuck’s camera



-The chainsaw, Plate launcher,cement saw, ripper,Paddlesaw, and Slicyle are not new but the blue textures are

Awesome! Another great set of ports from Jason!

is that a severed pony head on a stick with firecrackers attached to it?
holy fucknuggets

Down with the bronies comrade.

Frank West’s flabby man boobs have covered wars, you know.

Please use proper smoothing groups

Well if your so smart you can just decompile the models and add your own smoothing groups. |:|

The Car has an ass.

I put this in gmod, but I can’t find it.Could you help me?

If you put it in addons, its lacking an info file, add one from another addon file.

That’d be a dick move.

Thanks for the help!

That’s a BIG claymore.

Why didn’t you post these on my Off the Record Thread?!?!,Im getting Frank and everything done but i really needed these!

Probably because its in the WIP section and that he didnt read it.

Oh, and you dont “need it” you want it.