Dead Rising 2 Originals: Worst Father Ever

Not featured in the comic: The L4D characters.

Download Chuck Greene for Gmod here!

  • I got the idea off of the numerous people deciding to ignore Blue Castle’s idea of making people play through the story because of a little girl’s condition.
  • I couldn’t find a proper little girl’s hand, so I had to use one of FAKEFACTORY’s models.
  • Chuck’s right arm is very hard to pose. I think the person who rigged the model either sucks at rigging or it’s just like that.
  • Another Frank cameo!

thats scary how true your comic is

#1 Dad in America.

you got that fucking right

Awesome as always Usaokay

Well, that was short.

As soon as I saw the title of this, I knew it was gold.

Pictures are not working. (atm?)

Edit: ah they are working now.

I laugh so hard every time I see this.

usaokay, did that comic come out after or before you made this?

The VGcats comic just came out today. You can already assume when mine came out.

It’s a huge coincidence, so don’t yell “Carlos Mencia.”

make more.

should have used that girl from the silent hill pack. also got a laugh out of me