Dead rising 2 props. Tons of them

Would of done more but 3d ripper is starting to act very strange.
Contains 178 props


This will be useful, indeed.

Looks great!

Wow. That’s a lot of stuff.

YES the bear!!! XD

Holy shit

That is a lot of props.

Nice job man!

Is the Freedom Bear in there?

Very useful.

These are fucking amazing, hoping to see more from you in the future

that Hummer totally makes up for them nude Sonic n Tails.

Oh my god it’s all so damn awesome.

I love you so much…

Nice job!!!

Props > ragdolls forever.

posing time

Thanks Cl0ud!

Now we all need is DR2 Charaters :slight_smile:

Holy shit this is epic! I love DR2!
Is the combo weapons there?

I know Chuck is already released, but we need TK too! :smiley: