Dead Rising 3 models?

i know tons of Dead Rising models exist and with Dead Rising 3 on steam would we eventually see a Nick Ramos model? ive tried to look through the files but cant find his, and no rippers seem to work

Assuming people pick up an interest in ripping models from the game, it might still be a while before anyone bothers with doing so. The game’s still fairly new to my knowledge, so people are probably going to want to play through it first.

As for rippers not being able to work with the game, that could either be due to the wrong settings being selected before hooking the ripper(s) in question to the game or the rippers not being compatible with the game at all (which is possible).

If i knew how to Rip i would done this.

Wow that sure helped.

It did.

You sure would buddy.

Is not impossible extract models from original files, the structure looks easy but It is a frustrating process because many things require a manual calculation (faces don’t fit in vertex in some meshes because you need to count from possition 0 to corresponding mesh vertex count and for second mesh you need again to count from 0 to corresponding mesh vertex count + vertex count of mesh 2 - facecount of mesh 1… and again for mesh 3 , 4 , 5 , etc.)

For my mental sanity I will not extract more meshes , I prefer to wait for a tool or something :wink:

anyway… here is the model.

Note: I use the original name from game files for textures (Cindy) but the models is called Annie

thanks, but i more wanted Nick’s model, i honestly don’t care about Annie at all as a character on the game lol, anyway i could get you to do 1 of Nick at all, a payment or anything? (i dont know what to offer since people usually get annoyed if i ask them to just extract or rip things like that, but also get annoyed if i offer to pay because “im throwing money around”) i would do it myself, but i dont know how to do the faces or vertex process if they arent already correct, so even if i extracted them myself, i would still be left with them like that

You should at least be grateful for what he is doing for you and not complain about it not being the right model.

i dont believe he did it specifically FOR me, could be wrong, but thats not what it seemed, people have tons of models, ragdolls etc laying around

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and i never understand ripping side characters before main ones in the first place, same thing with Crash Bandicoot and Banjo Kazooie for years, had Kazooie, Grunty, Clanker, all the items etc, not Banjo, or had Aku-Aku, all the crates, crystals, wumpa fruit, not Crash, makes no sense to me, thats just me though lol

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also wasnt trying to complain

That is some amazing yet tedious extracting work you did. We over at the DR modding forums are working on a extractor for the DR3 models. May be a little while longer but we hope to get somewhere soon. Still amazing what you managed to do with Annie. :slight_smile:

Was this from Dead Rising? How did you extract it?

Yeah, this is from Dead Rising 3.

Personally all I want is the zombie models and zombie ANIMATIONS.
Animations are something that’s usually never extracted but would be great if applied to skinned models