Dead rising 3: Nikout style

For Nikout’s birthday

the flame effect is rather ridiculous and the embers look like pollen but he posing on the main dude is p good

why aren’t any of the zombies casting shadows

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that blood effect in the foreground is super flat too

I ain’t the best at flames and embers but I tried.
For the shadows the lamps didn’t cast any shadows for some reason
And I am not the best at blood either


or lights

Then Brad flys in and drop off a large Bazooka, the end :wink:

Bright lamps

weird, do you usually have any problems with shadows

also i had a go at some overdone editing

Woah! That is quite amazing. How’d you pull it off?

Like the brightening and darkening of the characters mainly, because i’ve always wanted to know how people manage to make lighting like that through editing

And no, I usually don’t. I used two lamps so I guess they both canceled each other out?

i just painted on them with a black brush and set the paint layer’s blending mode to Overlay. after i was done i copied the layer, set the blending mode of the copy to Normal, put it under the Overlay layer and set the opacity to something like 15% or 20%

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also, always give your fire/ember/spark effects orangeish tint, yellow only works in certain tightly controlled color schemes and the rest of the time it looks dull

Hm, I’ll keep that in mind.
I did some practice with embers earlier and they look better than in this picture, but could still use some work.
Also that heat/ripple effect around the fire interests me, did you use a filter to achieve it?

well, sort of. i made a layer that had all the stuff i had added so far (New Layer from Visible or something like that), fooled around with the IWarp manual rippling tool GIMP has and then added a layer mask to leave only some parts of the rippling visible

Plus I would like to know how to do a fire effect like that. I just want to improve and learn some new things for later pictures
And thank you for the advice you have given me so far
Oh and Nikout say’s thank you for editing the pic

are you using Photoshop or GIMP?

btw this fire library on has some real nice stuff

Photoshop. But if it’s done in GIMP then it can be done in photoshop too I would presume.


i usually do my fire by taking one of the stock images on that site (or several) and copypasting them on, with a few tricks. i always set the blending mode to Screen (doesn’t always look good tho) and raise the contrast; the latter part is because the pics have a bit of orange tint to them, and if i don’t get rid of that by making things a bit darker there’s going to be very visible sharp edges in the form of a square around the effect. i also pick the effect very carefully depending on what’s burning and what else can be found in the scene. can’t use small campfires (like the one in the OP) for tanker truck crashes. bloom is also very important, make the glow effect large but faint and color it red-ish orange to make it look impressive

How would the glow effect be made? I usually take a large, faint and soft brush, and paint over it with a color lighter than the color of the image I am making glow

you don’t need to make it brighter if you paint it in a new layer and set the layer’s blending mode to Screen

You don’t? Huh.
Whenever I put one in and put it onto screen it’s always transparent, like it’s never really solid, so it starts out like this:

The problem is getting it from that, to making it look bright and more eye catching

adding smoke behind the flame is always a good way to make it stand out

however, smoke editing is a whole different thing and most of the time very, very hard to do

How hard are we talking here?