Dead Rising and Brink

Hi there,
I have a little Request, I would need the Psycho Skin (model and texture) from Dead Rising 2:

And another question is (i know it was asked before), could someone rip the models out of brink? Especially the weapon models with textures? I really need them, but on win7 64-bit dx ripper doesn’t work. Or does someone knows a better program, working on this system?

Thank you.

No one could help?

wont be able to help but i will support this

i support too

People have obtained Dead Rising 2 models but I don’t know their method.

For Brink, I’ve done a lot of searching for this, but I have only found one person who has been able to figure out the sdpk2 archive format. He used some linux-based method of unpacking, but from what I understand, the unpacking wasn’t very useful. Lots of confusing labels and such.

So, for Brink, the first thing needed is someone who can unpack the sdpk2 files. I don’t even know what format the models come in so there’s no telling how hard it would be to convert them after that.

2 methods on getting models from Dead Rising 2:

Using 3d ripper (not recommended)

Using a 3ds max script that can import the character .big files from Off the Record, and it can also unpack the textures from the “.tex” files.