Dead Rising roleplay? How would it work?

Now, I’m not that great with coding, but I’m thinking that some time I might try out making a clockwork Dead Rising roleplay server. Maybe not clockwork as a base, but something in that would be easy to work with and would be both good for serious and semi-serious RP. Anybody got suggestions?


it wouldnt

It’s your gamemode idea, you should be asking yourself!

It’s a nice concept, but personally I don’t see it working, the thing is with Dead Rising is there’s hundreds - thousands of zombies, it’s what makes it so fun, cutting through hordes of zombies with chainsaws.
The trouble is, you’re not going to be able to create a stable gamemode that can support the level of NPC’s needed to replicate Dead Rising, and I don’t mean you need hundreds upon hundreds of NPC’s, but a few dozen will likely begin to lag your server.

The easiest (by far not the best) method would be to just make a DarkRp server, enable the in-built zombie events and stick it in a mall-like map, but it’s just going to be the same as every other “Custom Zombie Rp - Guns - Cars - Good Admins”.

  • Just IMO.


“Wow admin ban this kid he randomly rassled my cattle”