Dead robot thing laying on the ground

I honestly think it looks like shit but I’m posting it anyways so you can point out some things that look wrong from your

Compare With the Original RECOMMENDED


A pose like this requires the surroundings to add up for the lack of action, excitement and keep people entertained.
But I like the bullet holes and the smoke emitting from them. Can’t make much out of the back ground.

somewhat boring, i like the effects tho so artistic for you

Looks like a Super Battle Droid…

Link to model? :smiley:


I added links to the original and a comparison link. I highly recommend you to compare them as I’ve pretty much added everything except for the props in this picture.

I like the texture edit you did, but yeah, there’s not much going on to add interest. But experimentation is always good.

Pretty good could use with some battle droids and dead clones lying around but its pretty good bit boring but good effects.