Dead Servers - What addons must I have?

My servers are just not taking off with people joining. What do I need as far as addons go? I thought I had it down, but what are must have addons? Game modes I host:

DarkRP - Downtown_v2 or Oviscity
Sandbox - freespace09
Spacebuild2/3 - Gooniverse
Stranded - gms_atoll_2008

I have lots of the basics like wire/wire-e/wire model pack, and phx, stacker, adv dupe, doors, etc… Everything’s updated via SVN… but I’m out of ideas. I just had a group of people agree that my sandbox server was a hunk of shit, when really it’s the same as anything else.

Should I change the maps?

Downtown and Oviscity are some of the most boring maps around these days. Popular? Yes, but that’s what makes them boring.

Try something like rp_amsterville or some of the older Gmod9 maps, they should still work.

Gmod9, never thought of that. Which ones?

Also just got a Build to the top server going.

My problem is I don’t want to download the ENTIRE SVN wire thing off someones server.

So download it and keep it updated yourself.

I wouldn’t put too many addons because if someone needs to download 398482 files, they’ll probably just stop right there. I’d take of wire and stuff like that with an RP server because it should be more about RP than building something.

As for the maps, everything looks good, but Oviscity will probably stand out more in the crowd of servers that use Downtown_V2.

There are plenty of empty servers, no one wants to play one and most people actually filter them out.

I’m pretty sure most you’ve posted like 3 other threads like this where the majority of the people said you need to get people to play the servers to attract players, a community with no one in it and a few cool servers doesn’t make a good community.

Start with maybe one server at most and play it constantly with a few friends and eventually it may become popular.

Yeah I’ve always like Oviscity. Is Amsterville still popular at all? I don’t really see it around anymore. But I have it…

I think Amsterville is one of the most underrated maps available. Everything these days is about the size of the map, not the look.

EvoCity? Large and hardly any decoration. Takes you bloody ages to get anywhere without a fast car / noclip.

Amsterville? Considerably smaller and really fleshed out with a lot of plants and decoration. I really don’t see how people ignore this map when it’s such a nice one to play on.

Yeah I know Amsterville kicks ass. Maybe I should use that instead of Downtown?

Amsterville is pretty cool, however PLAYERS PLAYING the server would still attract more people.

No one is better to play a server with you than your friends, servers do not magically attract players and populate themselves.


People play multiplayer online games to play with other people, often the interaction of the players is valued to the player higher than the quality of the server/gamemode/game.

Yeah I get all that, but if no one’s on the server, how are people going to see it?

They won’t if they are filtering servers with no players.

Thus, why ALL communities should start out with ONE SERVER ONLY until it gets populated constantly.

Well I have one server, plus a few. Not like I’m paying extra, really doesn’t matter. It’s not getting populated.

You have multiple 30-50 slot servers hosted on a P4 with nobody playing on them.

Reduce that to one 16 slot SB2/3 or Build, or a ZS/Resident evil server. Play on it daily, idle on it at night while sleeping. You will eventually get people.

I still rofl when I see you hosting 4-6 30-50 slot servers on a P4. Especially when one SB2 server actually MAXED a Xeon 3220 core if someone builds something huge, at 3/16. ROFL P4 hosting multiple servers above 30 slots. ROFL.

Slots don’t matter, server specs don’t matter especially when clustered out over four boxes. If they’re empty, no one notices anything. Hosting one server with 3 people connected, on a Xeon, with resources maxed out, that’s sad. Something is wrong then. Screenshots or it didn’t happen.

Your still missing the point. You don’t have the hardware to support your servers. P4 can’t host that many slots, one P4 processor can probably only host 10 slots on a sandbox server when full, and the pings would skyrocket if someone built anything big.

Why not try what I said and reduce your servers to one, idle on it at night and play during the day?.

Also rating yourself is dumb.


Nothing is wrong you dumbass. Garry’s Mod is a physics intensive game and the switch to the orangebox engine increased the CPU usage in general. When you build something massive that moves around in SB2, especially if someone didn’t nocollide/parent it then its going to max out a core. This is why I think you don’t know anything about hosting on Garry’s Mod.

More servers doesn’t make your community more popular or playable.

Do you have any idea of what architecture means?

A Pentium 4 probably couldn’t host a 24+ slot CS:S server on 33 tick.

YOU won’t see a problem because none of your servers even calculate physics or “think”.

A server without a player will not calculate anything on tick or think from what I remember so basically you have 4-5 processes doing nothing but wasting a few calculations for time, you could probably get the same results on a fucking Pentium 2…

We have given you this advice at least once in the past but probably two or three times.

Play your servers.
Get your friends to play them.
Find Admins that are likable.
Start small.

Why am I being attacked here? You guys say I don’t know shit, but guess what, I do networking/hardware shit for a living. It’s a fucking forum, calm down and stop attacking me for nothing. Be helpful.

And?. That has absolutely nothing to do with Garry’s Mod. Just because you KNOW how to install hardware and how to network, does not mean you know what the requirements for Garry’s Mod are.

Your being attacked because your being a dumbass and saying a P4 can host that many slots, and then saying something is wrong with MY server because a SB2 server is maxing out a Xeon core. Funny as hell.

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