Dead Siege: Intro

Well, I haven’t really done much in my time as a member of this community, so I decided, why not throw a bunch of screenshots I took together and make a comic? So, I present, Dead Siege. (Side note: I really truly hate the name, but it is extraordinarily early in the morning, and I can’t think of much else at the moment… so work with it!)

Now, everyone has done something with zombies, I know… but I have wanted to do something with them myself… so bare with me. Remember, this is my first comic. Oh, and there isn’t any real editing until the Main Girl starts exploring the basement, just so you can see how crappy my computer is! :slight_smile:

IMO: Terrible Name + Meh-ish Posing + Story I pulled outta my ass = Alright comic for my first one. But that’s just MY opinion.

Please, give me constructive criticism!

Well, I hope you liked it… even though there is only one zombie in the span of this chapter. Remember, critique me! And tell me if you liked it enough for a sequel, or continuation!

Hm. Not bad for your first I suppose.
Though I think you need to find some better text, turn up your graphics and improve your speech bubbles.
Also grammar. “‘You’re’ a good friend.” not ‘Your’

I dunno… the whole very linear story really fucks my head… everything is too cheesy and kinda dumb.

“Oh a hole in a wall, I will jump and break my legs”
“Freeze you come with me to the captain who gives me the order to kill you, then I protect you and release you in a house full of zombies”

I know EXACTLY what you mean. I probably should have actually written a script beforehand, instead of just keeping all of the ideas in my head. I looked at it afterword and kinda felt like shit, because I had followed a REALLY BAD Cliche…

Lol, your summation of the story made me laugh, that IS pretty much all that is there…

Nice… You just need to improve the text, I really don’t like Arial or Arial Black, oh and some speech bubbles.
I hope, knowing the critics, you will change sightly the story, just for not begin so cliche…