Dead Snow


The default blood splatters look awful.

Noted. I’ll use a different blood decal next time.

For the best effect, do blood in post-editing. Putting it on ragdolls will stretch the decals out and it’ll look hideous.

Take a winner because of the movie reference. But seriously, never use the stock in-game blood. Adding in blood post pic can be very difficult, but can end up looking really good.

The composition is really bad and i am pretty sure most people would not be able to make a good picture out of the pose and the scenery combined, keep practicing or hit me up on steam so we can go on a server and i’ll guide you.

When I look at their legs, it looks like you just duped them all, and slightly moved their head and arms.
If this is the case, I don’t mind people duping stuff as slong as they make it look good, and not like a copy of the guy/girl/alienmonster next to them.

I suggest you look through some of the poses around here, try to compare your poses to them, gtanoofa even offered to help you, that’s not such a common thing on our so very friendly forum here. I’d take him up on it.