Dead soldier, faced the bad end of a laser cannon.

Play all this shit at the same time for an increased effect!


Ait hope you like it. I got this idea and it seemed cool. Kinda tricky to execute and I probably could have done better. But I plan on doing more with this kind of effect.


Please leave me some feedback! I really appriciate it :slight_smile:



Nice one.

I love it.

Where did you get the husk models? Especially that horned one.

Here ya go.

Great image, man.

if the laser cut out a chunk like that, how wasn’t the face totally mangled?

maybe it was about to do that thing where it slowly slides off but that would have been too gross?

Get this damn winner medal!

In my mind it wasn’t like a a ball or anything like that. It was a beam that cut through and scratched a few inches into her skull after reachign through the armor. Which is why I added some gore alongside the cut

from what angle was the beam fired if it cut it like that?

I’ve no idea. Originally the cut was gonna go in a straight line… but editing out the hair and shit was just too bothersome… so I kinda changed it.

It would have been cool if it had just sheared part of the face off and left a meaty clump.

It did cross my mind, but then it wouldn’t have the impression I was going for when composing