Dead Space 2 - Female Slasher

Hey everybody!
I exported and rigged one of the female Slashers from Dead Space 2. I used the “Gibbed Dead Space 2 Extractor” developed by “Rick” from the Xentax-Forums to export the model and the 3D Ripper DX to get the texture coordinates.
Hope you like the model!

holy shit, cool! nice job

That’s scarier in-game than when it was in model viewer. Great job!

I like it.

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Keep up the good work!

Would you rather get a BJ from her or Mileena? :quagmire:

Not sure, both of them look so wonderful…

Hawt. :quagmire:

Very good to masturbate to.

Reminds me of The Thing.

If I can get all these Dead Space, Fallout/Stalker/Metro2033 and good screencap software, I’ll do a The Thing picture.

The developers of Dead Space used “The Thing” as a kinda reference.

Wow, I wish I had the skills like that.

Thor wearing thermal gear from Lost Planet while using the flamethrower from Fallout to burn a necromorph in cs_office? This is one intense picture.

Holy Crap,Good Job
I hope you can make more
Can You make “Leaper” or Male Slasher?

Used your Slasher model a few times in this pic aliensoldier!

Very kewl model! I really hope you plan on bringing more necro’s into gmod!

When i looked at that picture i thought, “That looks like it’s from ingame” and then i realised who posted it.

On topic good model, i loved Dead Space 1 and 2.

Wow, dude this pic looks epic! :3
If you keep up the good work like this sure I’ll make some more necros! :stuck_out_tongue:
But I’m working on a mappack for Portal 2 at the moment, so no necromorphs from me for the next days (or weeks…).