Dead Space 2 guys shooting at Turok guys who also get shot by off-screen Dead Space 2 guys blah blah

Another failure, but I’ll make a thread anyway.

Thought they were Helghast for a minute.

that rimlight…hot.

Failure my asshole

This is Eye-Sex. Great job man

Everything except the scenebuild, lighting and effects failed.

So why didn’t you fix it?

Lazy Joazzz!

Not quite sure how you deem this a failure, but I’m loving the effects on the guys getting shot up, with the blood and armour being blown errywhere. Lighting is also snazzy.
Rated wood.

Fix the camera angle, posing and overall composition in post?


Very sweet editing. I’m really love indeed.

edit’s pretty rad, as is the scenebuild

loving the enthusiasm in the thread title most though

Wow! Awesome work!

A bit of an overstatement, but thank you.

If you consider this a failure, what you consider complete successes must be too epic for the human eye. :q

Great job, man.

There’s no words, exept this

If this is what you consider a failure then by all means bring on the monumental successes.

Thanks, I’ll try.

Error: The image can’t be viewed correctly. Too much awesomeness.

Amazing pic!

It’s gonna my wallpaper! Great job Joazzz. You are good at it. Keep going like this.