Dead Space 2 - Julia

Hey everybody!
I brought our awesome Gmod-posers a new, beautiful lady from Dead Space 2! Her name is Julia!
I rigged that one a while ago but decided first now to release it. I worked the same way like I did with the female Slasher by using “Rick”'s Dead Space 2 Exporter.

Yes. More creepy dead bodies to add to Scary poses…

It would be cool to release a pack of the mutants and dead guys

She’s so beautiful


if your going to do multiple releases from the same game please make one big thread, way easier to find everything you need

How right you are. I’m gonna make a a thread for all of my DS releases when I finished the next model then.

You port the sexiest women.

Is it possible that you can port the alive Julia from the game?
I dunno but I hope she is not just a corpse in the actual game.

Keep the corpses coming. Good job.

Some Necromorphs would be nice too, such as the variant of the female slasher that spits stuff on you.
But i’m not demanding, don’t get me wrong.
And because it is sexy. :v:

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You speak from my heart.

Ya mean the nude one? :stuck_out_tongue:

She is.

I sure do. :3

Kinda sexy how she pulls apart her chest to shoot that thing to you… Oh, i’m totally sick.

“There’s a girl that’s on my mind, all the time, Ju-Ju-Julia.”


i want the Dead Space 1’s military soldier youll get it after you complete the game
PIC #1
PIC #2