Dead Space (2) megathread

Hey everybody!
[del]Since it looks like I’m the last one who’s still working on ragdolls from Dead Space and Dead Space 2[/del] I decided to create this thread and post all of my already released and upcoming works. Feel free to add your models to the list if they have to do with Dead Space. This should be better than creating a new thread for every single new model.
However, here’s a list of all the stuff I have released so far:


Ripping models and textures from Dead Space 2

Dead Space - Starfield (only useful for screenshots)
Dead Space - Hallway (only useful for screenshots)

Dead Space 2 - USG Ishimura
Dead Space 2 - Weapons

Dead Space - Slasher and The Pack
Dead Space - Julia
Dead Space - Female Slasher
Dead Space 2 - Twisted Slasher
Dead Space 2 - Slasher Spitter [Workshop] [NEW]

The Slasher Spitter is the latest uploaded model.

(posed by Urbanator)

Models by Mehdi:

Dead Space 2 - Isaac Advanced Suit
Dead Space 2 - Isaac Engineer Suit
Dead Space 2 - Isaac Patient Suit
Dead Space 2 - Foster (I know to 100% that this model was made by Mehdi, I have absolutely no idea why it was uploaded by Hunter Normandy…)
Dead Space 2 - DLC Characters (Lexine and some other guys who’s names I forgot…)

Models by fury_161:

Dead Space 2 - Isaac Security Suit

Models by Nexus:

Dead Space - Isaac Suit 1-5 and Slashers

Models by SaigonTime, M.D:

Red Marker

Models by Squiddy:

Dead Space 2 - Security Suits: Female Edition!

Models by bloocobalt:

Dead Space 2 - Earthgov Security Officers [Direct Download]

Mod by Hunter Normandy:

Dead Space Hurt sounds mod (Here’s a video demonstrating the mod)

Dead Space (2) is copyrighted by Electronic Arts.
Dead Space (2) is developed by Visceral Games. *

i love it Q

The twisted Slasher looks nice. But are they really
that low poly? And does it has bump- /normalmaps?
skin looks so flat.
And it will be a great thread!

Unluckily it really is a bit low-poly, yes. But it has a bumpmap.

The lack of Isaac is upsetting, but some really awesome stuff here,
keep up the great work :smiley:

The lack of Isaac? There’s tons of Isaac models. You just have to actually look for them.

Nexus and Mehdi uploaded some Isaac models.

I’d say the lack of humans is disappointing, I mean who doesn’t want cannon father victims

I was talking about on this thread,
I do actually have some Isaac models myself,
sorry for the confusion.

i’d suggest to go for it and implement them in your thread.


yeah Dead Space necromoprhs are really awesome sepecialy the brute

I suppose it’s time for me to start making some Dead Space themed poses then, heh.


Red marker:

Updated again.
Tell me if you find more models, so I can expand the list.

Here, have a Spitty.

cool that this thread is still being updated.

Could you add my Security Suits to the OP?

oh wow i remember those
if only there were male variants