Dead Space 2 Model Conversion

Is it possible someone could change this into an NPC? I want to use this model as a custom model for a serious RP server I play on, but the model has to be an NPC so the server can use it. The game mode’s weird, so w/e.

I heard it was possible to change player models into NPCs, so could ya help a brotha out?

Wait what? That doesnt really help me…

Id like the player model turned into an NPC if possible pls. Id really appreciate it.

Its a ragdoll as well.

Spawn the ragdoll and a NPC. Get out your Model Manipulator. Right click on the ragdoll and left clck the NPC.

Then you’ll have the Security Suit as a NPC.

Ok, this is how it works on the server. The NPC is uploaded to the server, and then the player model is set using the model path to the NPC. What you’re saying wont work in my case. I need the actual NPC file to upload to the server files. Thanks for trying at least.

Could anyone do this for me?

Oh you were using it for a server?

No problem tho lol

Ye. I wanna donate for a custom player model, but I need the NPC file to use it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its Kuroscript I believe, BluePrint 2

Ask Jason(insert numbers here). He makes playermodels and NPCs.

Could you refer him to this thread please? Dont really know many people on facepunch lol.