Dead Space (2) - Necromorphs

Hey guys!
I decided to upload some of the Necromorphs I ripped and rigged.
This pack contains the regular Slasher from Dead Space and the frozen version and the “Pack” from Dead Space 2.

The models are not perfect rigged, I’m not a profi, but they are pretty easy to pose.

*NOTE! : These are not the models Nexus made!

Here you got the map I made for the screenshots!

Awesinem nab!

Awsome. Thanks.

Ew, where is his crotch?

Yeeah, more Necromorphs! :dance:
What map did you use for those pics? Looks like an awesome map.

I only made the map for the screenshots, it’s nothing special.
But I could upload it if ya want.

its a prego necro, check out dem hands in the abdomen area

Yeah, do eet mang. I wouldn’t mind having a look at it.

nah, a prego necro are those huge fat ones that let those little ones out after you kill 'em

this necro is just a female, or a spitter to be exact

anyways great release :smile:

*UPDATE: I uploaded the map I used for the screenshots, read the first post.

Great stuff, thanks for sharing!
Do you have anymore models like you uploaded with the map? Hallways and such I mean.
If yes, could you upload those too?