dead space 2 porting models

Hi all, i’ve allready used the search function so i gonna ask^^
is there a way to port the .geo files from dead space 2 into cinema 4d? i am using R13, since there only is a script for 3ds max
which i dont have. maybe someone can help me out with this or perhaps there’s a little trick how to use the obj from 3d ripper dx correctly,
cause every time i am loading a scene in cinema 4d their mesures are screwed as the uv’s

would be really cool if someone could say me how to port the models correctly into cinema 4d =)

PS: if i’ll get it ill posting the models, let me a bit time for it :smiley:

i 2 would like a full tutorail on that
u need those tools

deadspace2 importer made by soem on xentax butb dont know who anymore (pretty noobish me)

and for texture u need texmod in logging mode and the game bhe warned when u 10000 texture loaded by textmod u better restart the game and load saved game to reboot minimum numbers