Dead Space 2 - Security Suit (Ragdoll AND Player)

Here it is. Had to take some artistic liberties due to some huge holes in the model, but I think it came out okay. I will add a bodygrouped faceposeable Isaac head in the future when the extraction tools get better. Features include glowing shit.

Glowing stuff


Awesome, glowing shit is always useful.


You are a real winner. Will you port other suits?:haw:


At last one of the suits! WE SHOULD all rate Winners for this wonderfull thing!

Finally, awesome DR ragdoll.
Gonna try it out =)

Testing this model.

Oh fuck yes.

Now all I need are some maps that fit the DS atmosphere.

Edit: Are these normals ripped from the game?

I love you.



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Now with the ported Pregnant, i can begin deadspace poses.

You ported my favourite suit as a playermodel.

I salute you.

So uh, any other suits coming soon :buddy:?

Original normals were solid green, causing some really weird lighting issues. I created some normals in crazybump and merged them with the green ones (which I recolored).

I wonder if someone can do some nice looking Dead Space sweps

Fantastic work, Fury! I’m a sucker for glowy stuff myself.

Fuck. Yes.

Would you mind sharing the originals?