Dead Space 3 Models

so far nobody managed to extract Dead Space 3 Models but I found this :

Marauder Space-Suit:

this was extracted using a single script.

:o Pretty awesome! Share the script?
Also, no bones I assume?

I’m sorry but I didn’t made the script and so far the person who made it is offline for 1 day now

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but don’t worry when he’s online I will try and ask him.

You say so far no one has extracted from Dead Space 3 but Luxox_18 has

ohh I didn’t see it.

Good luck getting anything from Deronar, everything but the Tekken models in his Deviantart gallery are for his “personal collection” only.

Honestly I have all Tekken 6 and Tekken tag tournament 2 Models. and stages are WIP.

You misread my post, he only intends on releasing Tekken stuff.

The Dead Space 3, Captain America Super Soldier, Splatterhouse, and other various game models in his library he intends on keeping to himself.

ohh…I see.