Dead Space ammo screen
A Dead Space style ammo screen that shows up on your weapon. There are GUI menus for changing the color of the screen, and the size & attachment point of the screen. There are screenshots of the menus on, here is a video of an early version of the screen:

A note on the height/attachment point settings: you’ll probably want to adjust these settings for each weapon, as the screen will appear different on each model. Use the “ds_gunhud_editor” command to open up the GUI for this.
To change the color of the screen, use the “ds_gunhud_color” command to bring up the GUI.
(You can also bind these commands to keys for quick use)

This be awesome. I’m using an adapted version in POWAH DM, and I’m planning on bringing this version to Zombified World :slight_smile:

Now make it use a 2d3d cam and make the it align like the gun and it would be really awesome.

This is very cool, good job.

That’s what I was originally trying to do, but I could only get it to work on the original HL2 models due to the way attachment points were set up on the other models.

That’s actually really awesome. Think I’ll try to get this in my gamemode.

Does this version do that for the HL2 models? What attachment are you basing it off of?

This version doesn’t, if you want to see what it looks I like think this is close to what I was using for it:

render.DrawQuadEasy(pos, ang:Forward()*-1, width, height, nil, 180-(ang.r-90))

I was using the muzzle attachment point while testing it (attachment “1”)

Updated to use GLON (finally), also added a button to the config menu to enable/disable the screen for particular weapons.
If you were using the old version, you can update your config files by typing “ds_gunhud_convert” in console in-game. After that reload the script by reconnecting or typing “lua_openscript_cl autorun/ds_gunhud.lua” in console.

Make it align with the gun, Looks good so far.

Wonderful Addon, I had some Problems with Installing (due to me being fairly new at this) but never the less great work! Also this mod works well with SharpYe.

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