Dead Space Animations?


I’ve searched around for hours now and can’t find any kind of dead space animations, let alone ported to gmod.

Is there anyone out there who has knowledge on how to get these animations or where I could possibly find them? It’s driving me mad!

“Animations” is rather vague. What exactly are you looking for?
Also, note that due to differences in model formats porting dead space animations might be exceedingly difficult or even impossible.

Ah, I figured it was hard. I was looking for the slasher or any necromorph animations.

I can tell you from personally unpacking the assets that it’s a huge hassle to even just unpack them, let alone figure out how to work with them. The only useful stuff I could get were sounds and textures, but without models the textures are useless.

Also, no one had developed tools for Dead Space animations, so AFAIK it’s not currently possible. I could try looking for more information on Xentax, but I doubt it’ll have anything new to turn up.

EDIT: Looking through the Xentax forums, it turns out that the animations are in HKX format (similar to Skyrim and Fallout 4), although it might be a sightly different format. I’ll post again when I have news.

I have not yet asked on xentax, but tell me, how hard is it to get content out of this game? Should I try extraction or stick with ninjaripper?

Use an SVN client to open this link, then you have to build the program with something like Visual Studio.

Getting the models is easy, the tool for converting the textures from TG4D to something usable is broken as it’s missing some important file.

You would use the BigView.exe to open up the files, then use StrUnpack to open up the individual Str files, and from there you can use this 3DS Max script to open up the .geo files.

Well I am starting to consider ninjaripper to be honest lol.
Especially to get the level architecture, that’s what I am interested in the most.