Dead Space:Fly.

Wow that looks really good


why is the light on the left? when the light is hitting issac from the right?

it would look great without the white on the left tbh.

nice ass =3

Good use of the collector ship!

May I ask for a link to that ragdoll?

It’s in the Model Releases section.

Nice Job

Thats pretty awesome. i just can’t make it all out.

Thank you!

Tread Music XD


Nice Job

Thanks all)

This is a little hypocritical coming from me, but, MY GOD IT IS BRIGHT. Isn’t Dead Space dark, gloomy, and not so eye-gougingly bright?

The right side of the picture is fine and dandy, still a little bright. But NOTHING compared to Heaven’s flashlight to the left.

Could be the Sun?

He’s on a moon station orbiting SATURN :downs:

Its a nice pic, but I can’t help but think THAT"S HIS DONG STARING ME BACK IN THE FACE

i wont lie this is pretty eye catching