Dead Space/Halo/Final Fantasy Crossover - "You Are Not Alone"

Here is a picture I made in GMod a week ago when I was first getting into the artistic side of it. Let me know what you think… I might go back and reshoot things as I still have the save file on there… but I’m currently working on another image already so its kinda iffy if I’ll ever get around to it. It is my second picture, the first is a montage of 4 characters.

Thoughts on this…

  • My first attempt trying to make a dynamic scene.
  • I honestly though the camera angle was very awkward, but when I did a double-take of the corpse EarthGov ragdoll the textures were very low quality. I attempted to paint it with blood to improve the quality, but the blood disappeared when light was shown on it and I couldn’t do anything about it. The unbloodied version has much better quality textures, but it doesn’t have the injury look of corpse version.
  • I think I put the Super Slasher too close to Master Chief. It looked okay in the beginning but after taking some time to look at it I noticed that it really got in the way of Chief so you couldn’t fully appreciate his sparta kick pose.
  • I don’t think I remembered to put on Super DOF for this image, which is why it doesn’t look as polished. Also I don’t have Photoshop or GIMP (too lazy for the latter, no money for the former), so the picture is still mostly unedited.

Any criticism/feedback would be appreciated. I’ve gotten a bit better since this picture (thanks to having downloaded more and better tools and whatnot) so hopefully my future works won’t be as disapponting.

From the get go, did you use SDoF or standard DoF? The blur on it doesnt look very, well, blurred. SDoF blur is generally softer.

I believe in my haste and I may have taken the picture without SDoF and just used the standard DoF. Which kinda irks me now because I totally forgot to set it on when I took it. I think I have a retake with SDoF, but I left the FPS on by mistake because I thought GMod didn’t render your fps display when taking pictures… I was wrong. :frowning:

Well apart from that then, there’s still quite a lot you can do to improve. While the posing itself here looks pretty good, the quality is mullering it. The best thing to do (the way I see it) is to bind “devshot screenshot” to a key, then once you’ve done an SDoF render, press the 5 button and use that key. (Thankyou to Cone for showing me this method).

There are also of course the obvious ones, like get the lighting correct, fiddle with color modification/bloom and set the settings to Ultra. As of recent, Ultra is a basic necessity.

You should look up a tutorial on camera angles, your’s is too bland and kinda fisheyed.
The lighting is also really bland go for something more complicated.
The posing is a bit… weird I dont know its really off especially on Master Chief and that Chick on the left.

I dunno where you are getting your ultra settings. My GMod only has high and and very high (for textures). I dunno if that’s synonymous, but it seems like it is since Counter Strike has an “Ultra” option.

Ah… It doesn’t seem like we can stack quotes. blarhg…

Anyways, I’ll look that up. I’ll also take a look at game screens to see if I can emulate some angles. What do you mean by “fisheyed”? I am not familiar with the term. I’ll admit that the lighting isn’t the best. I wanted to focus more on stances and posing for this one, so the lighting was just to highlight the characters. Could you give me some examples of more complex lighting?

I tried to get a sparta kick pose for chief, and I set Lightning’s pose like because the ragdoll arm looked really weird when I tried to go for the underhand grip thing. I was only using the physgun at the time so posing was a beyotch, but I’ve been getting better at it and I’ve also started using the Ragdoll Mover tool which has been a big help in getting decent poses.

I was just meaning use highest settings.

Ah, yeah. I usually set it on max settings for taking pictures.

Chief’s pose is pretty badass. should have clenched his hand into a fist tho

I’m glad you liked it. I’ll fix his hands in the V2 take of this.

Look up 3 point lighting and read a bit about the matter.

Alright. Will do.