Dead Space Hunter and Enhanced Brute hexed and rigged with human animations?


I’m a developer on the Garry’s Mod game mode Morbus. We would like to have the Hunter Necromorph and the Enhanced Brute Necromorph models from Dead Space, preferably hexed and rigged with human animations (unless you can/want to create separate animations). I’m aware that the Brute is quadrupedal but it would be great if someone could rig it so it uses the bipedal, human skeleton in Garrys Mod, even if it may look a little silly but try to scale the arms and legs so it looks normal, unless you are willing to make or use different animations for it. Also, the Brute must be the *Enhanced *Brute from Dead Space 2 which has a distinctively different texture and look. I have yet to see either model already ripped for Garrys Mod, so you would have to rip them from the game as well as do the other stuff I mentioned. You do not HAVE TO rig the models and animate them, but at least ripping them from Dead Space would be great. In return you would receive credit on the gamemode, be considered a co-developer, and possibly given a small compensation for your work which I won’t go into now since I’m not sure if it is allowed here.

To make it clear which Necromorphs I am talking about here is a picture of the hunter.

Here is a picture of the Enhanced Brute from Dead Space 2.

Thank you.

I think you’ve got a better chance with the Hunter than the Brute, seeing as the Hunter at least has a humanoid form, but either way, rigging it and trying to put the animations on either model would most likely greatly deform it.

Yes you are probably right, but I would still like to see what both look like. Even if they don’t look as menacing as they do in Dead Space. The Hunter I’m sure will be fine with a human skeleton, I’ve seen what the slasher (which is close to it) looks like with a human rig and its fine. Anyone who is willing to do this will be rewarded.

Thank you.

EDIT: Forget about the Brute model, unless someone has already started it. All we really need is the hunter. Thanks