Dead Space Models Thread


Since all I’ve seen are some threads begging for the models and nobody has gotten into action, I will take the action to my hands and be posting here the full list of models that can be extracted with the use of aliensoldier’s tutorial for getting the models from Dead Space.

I will update this thread as I get more models done.
WARNING - These models are not rigged, if you want to rig, please see the tutorial for viewing the skeleton file that comes with the model I have uploaded or to get your own from the game.**


List #1:

List #2:

Brute (DS1 and DS2 variants, enhanced and normal)
Leaper (all variants)
Slasher variants
Twitcher variants
DS3 Regenerator
The Nexus
Alien Crawler
DS3 Tentacle
The Snow Beast
DS3 Guardian

And much more to come.


Daina Le Guin
Nicole Brennan (all models)
Kendra Daniels
Nolan Stross
USG Kellion officers Chen and Johnston



Levels 1-5 and the Advanced Soldier Marine RIG (the models do not have working RIG textures, however, at least lvls 1-2 RIGs have the original rig texture files, in case you know how to convert them)
Advanced Suits + Isaac’s Dead Space 2 face

  • Advanced Suit (normal)
  • Agility Advanced Suit
  • Shockpoint Advanced Suit
  • Elite Advanced Suit



Plasma Cutter + its variants
Hand Cannon
Pulse Rifle + its variants
Seeker Rifle + its variants
Contact Beam + its variants
Detonator + its variants
Line Gun + its variants


(The models are converted to .obj format. Textures and skeletons come with the folders.)**

Feel free to post the finished models to some model hosting site, like

Here’s my another thread about animated models:

Tutorial on extracting the models.

Since the tutorial aliensoldier has provided is really old and out of date, I decided to post a new tutorial with the new, updated scripts and everything. You are no longer forced to go in game and hunt for the models/textures you are looking for.

This will be a step-by-step guide.

What you need first are these:

  • Rick’s Bigviewer tools for Dead Space, Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 (the first set of files are for Dead Space 3 and for that game only, the ones in “DS2” work on Dead Space 2, if you use the wrong one on the wrong game, you will get a bunch of unknown files in the archive viewer)
  • Noesis’ texture exporting tool as well as a script for Dead Space texture files
  • 3D Max 201X
  • 3D Max scripts (more to that below)
  • Dead Space, Dead Space 2 and Dead Space 3 for PC, latest versions, 1 and 2 are available on Steam and the third one is on Origin)

Getting the models

For this tutorial, we want to extract the Brute from Dead Space 2.

  1. Locate the game folder. For me, it is in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Dead Space 2. It is probably different for you. In there, you will first see 6 different .dat -archives. The first two contain ambient audio files called .snu, I will probably post a different tutorial on extracting all the sounds. They will not contain any model files so ignore those competely. The other three contain mostly just assets from different chapters, including textures, models and area-specific ambient sounds. Some Necromorph sounds are only available there. The last one, DS2DAT9.dat is what we are looking for.
    This archive contains all the global assets of the game, such as NPC’s, models, weapons, audio that plays pretty much anywhere as well as models and textures you find almost everywhere.

  2. Open up BigViewer for Dead Space 2 (Gibbed.Visceral.BigViewer.exe in a folder called “DS2 Big Viewer”) and click the “Open” buton. Locate the folder where you had installed Dead Space 2 and double-click “DS2DAT9.dat”. This will open up bunch of different sections in the archive.

  3. Open “global_assets/global_assets/ds_assets/char_str/npc/brte_cct”. This is the archive of the Brute Necromorphs and all of its sounds, model, animations and textures.

  4. “brute.str” is the grey, common variant of the Brute and the “super_brute.str” is the Enhnanced variant of the Necromorph, the dark colored and stronger variant you encounter in the Government sector near the end of the game.

  • For this tutorial, I will get the Brute’s textures and model, but this same tutorial applies to all the models so you probably get the point.
  1. Right-click “brute.str” and click save. This will open up a window asking where you want the .str archive to be saved. I have made a specific folder for all the Dead Space assets so you probably want to do the same. Save the .str there and make sure the archives name has .str at the end of it or otherwise the archive will get corrupted. It doesn’t have to be called “brute.str”, the file can be “iliketurtles.str” if you want, it will still contain the Brute’s files. Then click save.
  • If you press the sub-category and save it, it will save bunch of folders with the names of the sub-categories containing all the archives that are part of these categories. If you decide to save the first “global_assets” category, it will save everything you see in the tool.
  1. Now that we have our archive, we can move over to the next step. Open up the BigViewer folder and locate a file called “Gibbed.Visceral.StrUnpack”. Drag and drop the brute.str file on it or right-click the .str file and select “open the file with” and choose the str unpacker. This will open a CMD window with bunch of text scrolling down fast. It will finish up on its own, do NOT touch it or it will break the unpacking process.

  2. Once it is done, if you dragged and dropped the file on the BigViewer folder, it will unpack the content of the .str file in the BigViewer folder inside a folder containing the unpacked files. If you did the other option, it will create it where-ever you had saved the .str file. Once you have a folder called something like “brute_unpacked”, you will notice a bunch of folders and files inside it. That is good.

  • At this point you need 3D Max already. If you do not have it, this tutorial is useless to you, so you may as well quit. Well, if you do have it, continue reading.
  1. Download these scripts for 3D Max. You will need them for extracting the models and also the skeletons.
  1. Run the batch script on the Brute Mesh-folder. It will then proceed to open up the entire model for you.

  2. Once you have the model, hit “Max” on the top left corner and click “Export”. Choose where-ever you want to save the model and choose to save it in .obj format. Bunch of new windows pop up and just keep repeating “next” until a final screen pops up that converts the parts into .obj-format. Then click “Done” when it is ready.

Now you have the Brute model minus the textures and skeleton. **

Getting the textures

  1. Download Noesis’ tool

  2. Download the script used to open the .tg4h texture files

  3. Move the script to “\Noesis\plugins\python” and open up the tool.

  4. Locate the “\brute_unpacked g4h” folder in the tool.

  5. Export every texture file. You do this by right-clicking any of them and clicking “Export”. If you do not touch anything, it will save the outcome to the original tg4h folder in .tga format. Hit browse to choose where it will save the texture. Clicking the “Main texture ouput” will give you bunch of texture formats to choose from. I use .dds so we will pick that. Hit “Export” and it will convert the .tg4h file to .dds format to where-ever you chose it to be saved to. Do this same process to every file in the .tg4h folder that is part of the brute model. If there are other texture files such as some sort of maggot, slime or water textures, ignore those as you probably won’t need them.

Now you have the Brute’s textures ready to be applied on the model!

Setting up a character model on 3D Max**

For this tutorial, we will use Nicole from the first Dead Space

  1. Open the model on 3D max, make sure it comes with textures

  2. Go to “Material Editor”

  3. Select “bitmap”

  4. Select the “0002_nicole_c” texture. This is the body texture minus the head

  5. Select “Standard” material from the Standard materials tab

  6. Hold down the left mouse button from the white ball-thingy next to the texture map and move it over to the “Diffuse color” tab on the material. Then right click the material, select the RIG and body parts, select assign texture, and press the “Show Realistic Material in Viewport” button. This will display the textures on the body.

  7. Repeat step 6 on all the parts of the model, choosing the corresponding textures belonging to the right part.

  8. Now, choose bitmap again and select the green looking N (normal mapping) texture. Assign that to the “Bump” tab on the material. Repeat this to all the materials, just like with step 6.

  9. Now, choose the S (specular) texture and assign that to the “Specular level” tab on all the materials. You know the drill.

  10. O texture is for ambient occlusion. I have no clue how to set that up, so I’ll skip it, at least for the time being.

Now we have our textures set up on the model for whatever use on 3D Max. If you completed the previous tutorials for example on this model, you already have everything you need, this is just for preview purposes on 3D Max.

Extracting models from the first Dead Space

  1. Download Noesis tool and get this script for the program: [URL="

  2. Get the model you want

  3. Open Noesis and export the parts from the Mesh folder like you do the textures. To speed up the process, click Tools > Batch process > set input file as geo and output as obj and hit browse and select the Mesh folder and click export

  4. Open up 3D Max and assemble the parts. Once they are together, go back to Noesis. The UVs are flipped upside down so to make the textures look good, we need to flip the UVs so they go how they are supposed to be to match the color texture map.

  5. In Noesis, select the model, right click it and hit export. Then click “Flip UVs” and export it.

6. Now you have a finished model from the game minus the textures. For the textures, see the tutorial above.

Capital work. What about weapons and environments?


Well, I have a L4D2 mod where I will replace all the enemy models with the ones from Dead Space so my top priority is to get the Necromorph models ready. I have already everything else but tons of Slasher models, the Brute model, the Divider model and the Dead Space 3 Regenerator.

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The reason why some of the parts (like Lexine) are really messed up because the script I used was really, really old. I found a new one here:

Dead Space 2 Nicole now appears normally but the files from the first game do not work :confused:

That is saddening to hear, models of the insides of the Ishimura would have been amazing.

I can still use the old script on them but some of the models look really messed up, like Lexine and Nicole as you can see above.

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I really hope someone could have a look at the script and see what’s wrong.

Actually, let me just put it here:

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Okay the new script doesn’t even work on Daina. Weird. I get an error saying: --No “”*"" function for undefined

awesome work

Thanks, I’m uploading more models soon.

Can you upload the Advanced Soldier Issac Clarke?


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Sorry man but I can’t, none of the scripts work on the first game’s files.

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Hmm… weird, now the script worked on DS1 Nicole.

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I updated the download links and also updated the images.

Well, I forgot to add the skeletons to all the models

I have no clue how to add the skeletons to the models anyways so I think I’ll add a seperate download link for the skeletons as well as the 3D Max script to opening the RCB skeleton files.

working on it

But…how? You are a wizard.

Can you please post the script you used as well as also how you applied the textures on the model? Also can you maybe tell how you applied the .rcb skeleton on the model?

I’m posting a tutorial above to how to extract the models from these games and any help is much appreciated.

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I wrote a tutorial on extracting the textures and models. However, I’m still waiting for additional info in applying the textures and skeletons on the models.

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I’m trying to apply the textures to the DS1 dementia Nicole just to get to know how to do it but it looks like this.

What am I doing wrong?


Alright well, I finally figured it out.

I have to set the textures BEFORE I export the model.

I have to do the process to every single model and start all over again.

Also I’m encountering problems with the textures as some of them have 3 layers of textures. Normal ones, some sort of dark looking textures and violet colored textures and some have green textures.

Green textures are probably the normal maps, violet ones are probably the ambient/specular maps.

Well, I have no clue how to make them work with the models.



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For example the Brute.

I’ll give few examples.

If someone could tell me how I should apply them to the model, that’d be nice.

The first one is the diffuse map, the base texture. The second one is the emissive map, that makes parts glow in the dark.
The third one is the normal map, needs to be reworked for source.
The last one is a combination phong mask, specular map and potentially ambient map. It needs to be separated.
Hit me up on steam, I’ll give you a quick tutorial on these.


Could you see to obtaining the model and textures for Doctor Mercer (The more homicidal of the Ishimura survivors) as well?

Having a male counterpart to Nicole’s uniform would be most ideal.

Thanks can’t wait for it, hopefully you can get it into T-pose