Dead Space Models with skeletons

I was planning to post here models from Dead Space that have skeletons and are ready for animating and whatever.

This is my main page where you can find bunch of models I have extracted already.

Feel free to request anything and also post any finished models, I will add them to a list below (of course credited with a name).

WIP models list:

Ready models:

You can use the models with whatever you want, just remember to credit me and also EA + Visceral Games.

Alright I finally finished Kendra’s skeleton. Here’s the result:

Some parts need some adjustment, but other than that, she’s ready.

Would get a better screenshot with better lighting but that’s not quite possible atm :smiley:

you can do it with the dead space 3 models? There are many models of which I would be more interested.

Have to see, somebody already rigged Ellie from the third game with a custom skeleton.

Here’s the Pack which rigging I finished last week:

That’s awesome!


Great job


I made updated rigs for Kendra as I got the correct proportions of her skeleton and made it to match her model. Also I rigged her jacketless version.

(I tried to pose her like this:

I’ve forgotten to update this, here are bunch of new models:

Doctor Slasher
Armored Slasher
Dead Space 2 Enhanced Slasher
Dead Space Enhanced Slasher
“Naked” Slasher
Dead Space 3 Regenerator
Daina LeGuin

congratulations good job but it would be possible to have them in t-mode?

Thanks, the first scene of the models are in t-pose, except the Dead Space 3 Regenerator because I forgot to switch the scene >_< But it shouldn’t be too hard to adjust it back to T-pose

That’s him I needed

Well, it’s not too hard to repose it to T-mode

a question. I want portal on source engine but would like to create the parts that are cut like a severed arm etc … I looked but there is nothing in the basic models! you can find them?

To get the dismembered limb meshes, I need to use another script for 3D Max that imports one single piece one by one. It’s going to take an eternity to get all the parts of a single model so that’s why I don’t include them.

However, if you have 3D max, you can try getting them yourself.

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Here’s the Pregnant:

It’s missing the weights from the jiggle bones on its belly because I really don’t know how to make them properly :stuck_out_tongue:

Question, Someone extracted Nolan Stross and Hans Tiedemann ?

I have extractedHans Tiedemann and I have Stross as well but haven’t uploaded him.

I can do it if you want.

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Here’s Stross: