Dead Space Models

I can’t believe no one has done this yet. The main characters from Dead Space.

Like these guys (listed in order of pictures below)
Isaac .C. Clarke
Kendra Daniels
Zach Hammond
Nicole Brennan
(please dont tell me of any others or if any of the above die, I havn’t beat the game yet)

(sorry about the nicole image, I don’t know if she is dead or alive yet and I didn’t want to spoil anything)

this has been requested before

well it is on the PC right, Couldn’t someone just rip it? Whats-his-face already did the gun models

EA did some fancy work on the game, so ripping is a slightly more than general pain than normal. I’ve never gotten it to successfully rip on my PC, also from what I’ve read it appears the fancy texture\ maps are completely broken (Or missing). Meaning they have to be re-done by hand which adds more time to the process.

Though I still wanna rig that son of a bitch Isaac and steal his boots.