dead space necromorphs

read the title self explanatroy also plz include some gibs,and a spawnlist and ragdolled (duh).
the slasher:

the twicher:

the brute:

the wheeser:

the infector

the tentacle

the pregnent:

the divider:

divider body barts:

the leaper:

the swarmer:

the exploder:

the lurker:

the hunter (aka the regenrator):

i found the pics on the deadspace wiki so for detaled info go ther

I would love to see these, though the infector picture isnt very good. A bit blurry.

That is a really cool idea. It’s got my download if made.

Please keep this thread alive, because these would be great for posing.

Dude, whats wrong with you… those are sick…

they are what remains after a person is infected, there is nothing wrong with him. it is from a GAME. Play the game and you will understand.

Don’t bump. Keeping this at the top will not give anyone incentive to rip. If someone ever decides you’ll see it in the main section.

what about the blacker version of those?

I would love to see Isaac with this if someone actually made tthis pack possible because lets admit it, you can’t have enemies without someone to kill them.


yeah dead space with out clark is like halo with out masta cheaf

trying to keep this alive lifespupport wount last thow :’(

bump of epic

What the fu-

Only models and weapons they made was the Pregnant and weapons and yet they haven’t even imported any news ones. Not even the Isaac model and I had some really good parodies to use Isaac in!