Dead Space Necromorphs

Just a quick question: Has anyone created a necromorph from Dead Sphess? I’ve looked around, but I’ve had no luck. Any help?

Really Dead Sphess ??? And No

There’s a help and suggestion subforum for these type of questions.

Pregnant has been released in a old christmas pack lilwasa made.

Spitters is about to be done, needs a bit more editing and tweaking, and the rest is being worked on.

However, Issac (all 5 level rigs from Dead Space) are being worked on, and so are some Dead Space 2 suits.

Advanced RIG, Security Rig, and the Engineer RIG is released, the Riot Security Rig is also being worked on.

Dead Sphess is pretty crazy

This is the perfect question, no one has made ds npcs yet

I guess this is about porting the Dead Space Necromorphs into Dead Sphess? :v:

Well I guess in the rare event OP sees this, the following have been ported:

-All the RIGs from Dead Space

-A regular Necromorph, a frozen one, and a Pack

-Almost all the weapons from Dead Space 2

-A female slasher

-Advanced Suit, Engineering Suit, Security Suit (plus a version with fixed shaders), and the Patient Suit

-A load of DLC stuff

-And a dead chick Aliensoldier chose to name Julia.

That’s about it. There was also the Elite Necro, but I’m lazy so I don’t want to search for a thread.