Dead Space Pack!

I’ve uploaded some models and textures from Dead Space, they can be used for posing or mapping.

And no, I don’t know why the file has been reported, it happened immediately after the upload was completed…
I’ve already checked everything for virus, but there’s nothing.

The sounds will follow in another pack, they already have a size of more than 100MB.

Damn, it got reported again. If there is any trouble, tell me
I think I’m going to upload it on filefront…



Post some pics in thread.

The file has been removed from the Garry’s Mod website…you may want to try re-uploading to see if the reporting and subsequent removal was a fluke.

Who controls removals anyways?

Reupload plox

Are these fully rigged models for garrysmod? Or are they raw models with textures, because in the garrysmod page you seemed to imply they were, unless I read that wrong, in which case dumb me.

The models are fully useable. The only problem is that the tram has no collisionmodel, when I ripped the tram I was unable to make one, just had not enough experience. The old SMD files and all that stuff has been deleted for a while and I’m too lazy to rip the model again…
But maybe I’m going to decompile the model

argh) models are great but I have a problem downloading from gamefront.
it says: “file not found”

lol, you are right…
Damn, are they kidding me?

EDIT: I reuploaded it, but it still does not work…

Golly that’s sure nice of you mister.

sometimes when i refresh the page i get the filefront stuff, but hey, thats just me.

Hell, I don’t believe this! WTF is wrong with those files?
I’ really very sorry for this, but I just don’t what the problem is.
I’ll try another site to upload the files…again…

I could download them but they did not have textures.
I downloaded a day ago or something.


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try out the new download, or maybe you just didn’t exported the files correclty.
Everybody else said it works perfectly for them