Dead Space - Red Marker

This post brought to you by the Church of Unitology.

Dude, that was delivered with style.

Good job, but… it’d still be awesome if we could get the dude in the mining suit, Isaac or something like that.

I don’t know if it would be too much to ask for one the size of say a television remote, would it?

It is pretty damn nice though.

Like something you’d put on a desk or use as a paperweight? I could probably whip something up.

That would be nice. :slight_smile:

Whats with the dumb ratings? …

i would love to have all the bloody body parts and the evil monster dudes too but i’m downloading this now great work

Ask and thou shalt receive.

The Pyro scares me…

SaigonTimeMD can you do all six suits for Isaac plau all the body parts and bad guys from deadspace and weapons then gmod would be super cool lol and you woul too :smiley:

Last I heard, lilwasa was working on a pack to that effect. I’ve been debating about doing the engineering helmets, but I think I’ll just leave that up to him. Besides, there’s like three comic series I’m supposed to be working on.

ph well far do’s lol still having fun with the marker

Everytime I try to download this, the link breaks, so can you reupload it?

I just reuploaded it, so there shouldn’t be any more problems.

I supose it’s good considering you can’t do anything with it because this is the only model thats been released.

“Circlejerkers who already have the model and considere you inferior human being x5”

We need Issac some Aliens, and mabey some easy to rip weapons.
SHIT!! Didn’t know it was a 4 day bump, I thought it said 4 hours!

Do not fret, there are worse.

Nice ad!

I’ll DL !