Dead Space RIG (The health bar thingy in Dead Space series) Request

I want something like the Dead Space Health Monitoring System known as the RIG, only the spinal part where the health bar is and maybe the stasis meter, rigged so it can be bone merged to a player model (You may think what I’m about to do with that model if you make it), UV mapped so that the health bar is separated from the rest of the rig (other words, a separate material for the RIG and the health bar) for a 32 x 256 texture (the UV map must take the whole size of the texture). Reason why is because I think I can pull off the Dead Space style health system by using a special spawn-able ENT I may be able to make (it sets the frame of the health bar texture if I’m correct about my theory). If you don’t know what a RIG is, look here:

Oh yea, I’m going to use it to make a ENT that will attach to the player and monitor their health like in Dead Space if you haven’t got the picture already…

Hey friend! Their is an ongoing thread concerning Dead Space ports in Garry’s Mod. Any and all Dead Space related releases will likely appear there first.

Get someone to decompile or ask fury_161 for his Security Rig model. From there i’m entirely sure you could literally just ‘cut out’ the health bar and such and compile it on it’s own.

Security rig:

Advanced rig:

That would be easy if I had a working modeling editor, besides this mean someone has to model hack for me (Or even make a whole new model if just model hacking ain’t going to help).

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And how you expect me to model hack (take only the spinal part) and rig it if I don’t have working model editor(s)?

Does that mean a model of a rig that is only the spinal part can appear here? Hope fully if I look there, a fully rigged one with Player Bones so it can be merged with a existing player model? Chances are that they are not going to model hacked for me (what I mean by that, even if it existed there chances more are they are for posing and not for bone merging to a player model) so…

So, you need this?

Yes, rigged so it can be bone merged to a basic player model. Also separated textures for the health bar and maybe stasis (Though I will not use stasis). Did you hack it yourself?

Cool Model! By the way, sirmasters what do you need it for?

Bad reading.
He’s using so he can try to make a ‘rig’ which can be attached to the player , which should hopefully display their health

Yes, if it works, I’ll try to release it.

EDIT HOLY SHITZNEL, MY THEORY WORKED (I just tested it by applying a texture with frames to a model and did a thing in lua, I wont spoil that part just yet). I CAN ACTULLY MAKE A WORKING DEAD SPACE RIG, Engineer_Rus can you give me the model you have there if you edit it to have seperated textures for the bar?

I know that the security suit that was released has a different texture file for the health bar , so i’m assuming that Engineer’s has a different file too.
I’ll happily make the separate frames… even if it has to be 100 of them.

… And you just made my life easier if you do… Though I was planning to make the frames myself, but go ahead Instant Mix (as long they go from full health to zero) and where is that hacked (or completely new) rig model I’m waiting for people? I’m excited to make the full ENT already.

PM the guy , I guess , he’s online right now.

T_T the one he gave me is not rigged to any player model bones (reason why is because, like weapon models, need to have bones similar to the player model’s allow it go on correctly without a need to put coordinates, but the way i want it allows it to bend and twist with the player model). Why me… at least the request I needed is 90% done.