Dead Space Screenshots

A thread for various Dead Space-themed screenshots I’ve concocted. This is still being occasionally updated.
EarthGov is a recurring theme simply for the fact that those are the most available models, and because I’d like to expand upon their lack of background.

Love the face on that last one.

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nice ass

Those rifles are ridiculously big and also the one in the middle,is it a guy or a girl?

That’s how they actually look. Have you ever played the game, or…?

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Double checked and you’re right, but it wasn’t immediately noticeable for me since I had always considered the gun to be huge already:

It’s not my port, though, so there’s not really anything I can do to fix it. If I could downscale it, then I’d just go back and re-take the shots since I have all the scenes saved, but otherwise, that’s all I’ve got to work with.

such maturity

Squiddy’s Female Dead Space security suits have the dead space weapons which are properly scaled and have bodygroups (including a few bonus weapons that aren’t from the games)

Facepunch thread -

Workshop page -

hopefully these suits your needs!

Thanks! Definitely going to have to check it out. I’ve seen it on workshop already, but thought it was only the female models, so I skimmed over it since I didn’t ever consider needing to use those. Looks like I’ve got some work to do.

Updated those previous two images, removed the old ones. New pulse rifle model definitely makes a difference. Also another set.

If Dead Space™ is what you’re going for you shouldn’t make your pics so bright and well lit; they reveal too much. I would look at Dead Space concept art to get a better feeling for it. They use a lot of shadows and dark color pallets with stark washed out lighter colors to create a tone of loneliness and dread inside the decrepit claustrophobic, metal husk that is the IS Ishimura. While you do have an eye for the color scheme the lighting you’re using is detrimenting the look.[/thumb]

I like this one the most however it’s over lit and under lit in some places. Better map choice and better lighting will help your poses in the future, keep making more.

None of these are intended to be set on the Ishimura, especially the brighter ones; The bright lighting is intended for those that have it, however the shading is indeed still off. Lighting is definitely a weak point for me. Just want to show a few in-game examples of scenes I had taken inspiration from. A lot of these images I want to appear as EarthGov installations pre-infection, so in other words, not dilapidated and destroyed. You wouldn’t want your working/living environment to be completely dark.

I plan in future screenshots to focus more heavily on post-infection scenes, so I’ll have some time to work on dark-lighting spaces. Appreciate the feedback.

EDIT: Yet more examples of what I’m trying to accentuate on, screenshots from Titan Station government sector.