Dead Space TDM

What is Dead Space TDM?
Dead Space Team Death Match is a gamemode based off of Dead Space where to teams go against each other. It is just a Team Death Match but with a few tweaks to make it feel like a Dead Space environment with the fast pace (or slow) of team death match.

What are the teams?
There are two teams that go against each other that you choose yourself(may be auto selected if this proves to be ad). The two teams are the Concordance Extraction Corporation (CEC) and the Necromorphs(zombie things)

What is included?
In the early alpha version there are a few things that need to be added and things that need to be removed the things that are already here hare included in the list down below-
• Engineer suit player model(Isaac’s suit)
• A good Necromorph
• Manuel Team selection(you pick your team)

+Gave Necromorphs more health and a higher health potential.
+Gave Necromorph a higher walk speed
+Gave Necromorph a higher run speed

Where can I download this?
You can download the any of the versions here

Uh…there isn’t a link, what are you on about?

I needed to edit it a bit, there should be one now, sorry for the inconvenience

Well It seems like there is ^.^

All your code comes straight from the gmod wiki… I would say it’s a very very early “Alpha”

The idea is not bad since the DS2 multiplayer had a lot of potential but failed, still the whole thing (IMO) needs way more work to it.

again it is in alpha and I will need to add more things to it. It is my first “finished” gamemode and the first gamemode I released to the public. I am currently working on things right now.

IMO a Clockwork skeleton would probably be a really good base for this. If you can remove the RP commands and elements, ect. it’d be pretty cool. It’s already got health, stamina and a nice cinematic effect built in.

When you mean the RP elements do you mean the choosing teams?