Dead Space: Unlikely Allies

First Comic. I messed up on the panel spacing a little, and the sizing is a little wonky, but I think it’s okay otherwise. Thumbed for your convenience, even though it breaks the pacing a little. Enjoy![/t]


Not bad. There’s some aliasing that you need to fix, but beyond that it was pretty good.

Also that gif destroyed my internet connection. Thanks for that.

Good lord that was hilarious. :v:


That is certainly one of the best comics I’ve seen in… well I guess it doesn’t matter 'cause I’ve been gone a while.

curse you PNGs…

He unleashed the Chinese Earthquake.

John Madden.

The totally unfitting Envmap on the visor makes it so much scarier :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I’m not sure why I used massive PNGs. I’ve re-uploaded as Jpegs.

Good lord that was hilarious.
Is it bad I could read that perfectly in that robot voice?

Awesome! It’s good to see a full length comic again!

Amazing. Got a laugh out of me!

That’s a very good question.
The answer is aeiou.

I was having a bad day, thanks for this.