Dead space

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Pretty good. Where’d the Level 6 suit come from?

ZZ8 mang, you need stop uploading your images like that. Paste the direct link between to get rid of the useless shit.

The pose is a bit lazy. I mean, NPCs? Come on.


military suit, damn yoooouuuu

On the other hand, he doesn’t fit the “dead space” era. Needs more technical stuff and what not, not a combine prison :V

Dont use NPC’s please, just ruins things. Remove them and put the fast zombies running towards him? And dont use NPC’s for that either. I’m a bit worried about the dead space guy, for all I know he might be an NPC as well…

Wide camera angles and excessive bloom aren’t nice.

Did you pose anything here?

Seems more like Dead Subway…

It seems that the armor plates on the dude are just…too rounded. Needs to be a bit more like…jagged. It almost reminded me of the Michelin Man

I lol’d at the RIG (The REAL RIG, not the armour), looks like Playdoh.

it does not fit with dead space theme

You’ve ruined one of my favorite games and placed one of my favorite video game characters in a mediocre games map. Please, TRY HARDER.

I might forgive you for this picture if you give me the model. Now.

What a shitty way to show off a private model. Or it might be coming out soon but highly unlikely

Ohhh my first clock :D!