Dead Space

Does anyone have or know where to go to get some Dead Space Rag dolls?

Only ragdoll you can get is on garry’s mod which its in the christmas pack.

Is that the only known Dead Space ragdoll?I’ve seen some slashers and an Issac Clark Rag Doll is an idiots of gmod video but other than that I have no clue.

Thx btw for telling me about the pack.


Just searched Illwasa on, not hard ¬.¬

I put it gmod directory/addons
it didnt work for me

Then you probably don’t know how to use it.

Not many things require just copying and pasting. Find it in the browse menu in GMod.

Yeah, you also have to extract it.

Har har. (Note, I put this here so that people know it’s a joke. Because for some reason some people don’t… Know, that it’s a joke.)