Dead talking to alive players?

Hi, im just wondering if im completely missing something here or what, but it seems that on a few of my servers (jailbreak + prophunt as far as im aware) that the dead players are still able to talk to people that are still alive, allowing people to ghost and ruin the game…
what would be one of the easiest ways to fix this?

-- Serverside
hook.Add( "PlayerCanHearPlayersVoice", "DisableCrossTalk", function( listener, talker )
   if ( talker:Alive() and not listener:Alive() ) then return false end
end )

sorry i should have clarified that, dead can still use text chat that alive players can see

This will stop player’s chat messages being seen in global chat, however, it’s up to the gamemode’s team chat handler on whether the dead can chat at all.

-- Serverside

hook.Add( "PlayerSay", "DisableDeadChat", function( sender )
   if ( not sender:Alive() ) then return "" end
end )

This usually happens on my servers when there is an error/conflict between addons. Check your console for any errors and please post them if you find any.

seem to work well code_gs, thankyou
But its kind of a quick and dirty replacement
See what i was specfically trying to do was edit the prophunt gamemode (with a few others like jb) so that the dead had their own chat aside from the alive players chat, so they can still use commands and such in chat.
ive had a quick look through the gamemode lua and couldnt find much (but i also didnt have much time)
and its not to do with errors bluebull107, its just not being set propperly in the gamemode/addons that use alltalk

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