Dead Zoey

Badly cut out, the angle is really bad and the lighting isn’t right.

Rape time

Jesus Christ, that’s an over the top statement.

Yes the lighting is slightly wrong, but nothing majorly noticeable, (Bill’s wrist) the only real hint of it being badly cut out is the ever so slight, red tint, which I’m guessing was probably an in-game fault, which shows on the original?

And the angle? The angle is rather damn good. Seeing as the main subject is a corpse, the only other possible angle would be a canted angle, seeing as either a high or low angle would not work whatsoever here, plus the blanking out of Bill’s face/features, leads the viewer to naturally focus on the dead Zoey… Which is the entire point in this piece.

The only real fault is the unrealistic looking blood effects, but other than that, not much.

I give critics, deal with it.