Deadchicken’s Community Campaign

[release][h2]WAIT… WHAT?[/h2]
Hi there, some of you may or may not have heard, but I’ve recently been looking
for some work, and in the absence of that, have come up with a little project which
may… Or may not work, we shall see.

So what exactly does this entail? Well, what I’m hoping to do, is create a community
driven campaign and story, which will develop as you, the community contribute your
suggestions and ideas for the story, direction, and even design, of a fully fledged
mini-campaign. Now this sounds a little more complex than simply posting your ideas
and hoping for the best, right? Right. So what I’ll do, is try to organise the thread to
the best of my abilities. I’ll be planning each facet of the design, from layout, to style,
even the story’s twists and turns, in conjunction with the contributions which come
from you.

I bet there’s a whole bunch of dubious faces staring at this now, so I’ll elaborate…

[release][h2]HOW IT WORKS[/h2]
The beginning will be the most difficult part, as we have to come to an agreement on
many details which will be vital to the look and feel of the levels and such, so this first
week will be the “Concept” stage, don’t worry I’ll try to get the ball rolling with some
examples of the kind of suggestions I’m looking for, and hopefully people can chime
in with their thoughts.

Every Monday, the thread will receive an official update post, revealing the results of
the previous week’s ideas, and the concepts that made it to the next stage. As the
weeks progress, updates will feature more and more content, from sketches, to fully
loaded screenshots, videos, maybe even some contributed music and more! This will
all be done through suggested ideas and their subsequent rating counts and will be
updated (I’ll try my best) every other day, or so. Now, when the results come up, I’ll
be sketching out and planning the design of the various aspects which people have
mentioned, and try to be as accurate as possible, to the specifications that are outlined
in suggestions.

As the ideas come together (hopefully) I’ll bring the concept sketches into development,
and work to the weekly deadline to the best of my ability, focusing on the most
important details of your suggestions. Now these suggestions can cover any of the
campaign’s aspects:

[ul][li]Style & Design – These can vary from overall thematic influences, such as
[/li]medieval, Sci fi, or even Steampunk, but also encompass things such as minor detail
which would affect the visual aesthetic of a map, such as location, state-of-repair, etc.
[li]Storyline & Character/Player Relationship – This can be tricky, as the story
[/li]is undecided until you come up with something that the community agrees on, and the
details are important here. If it’s set in the future, what kind of future? Do mega-
corporations rule the world, or is it a utopian society? Is there a society at all? The
Character/Player relationship can be described as the way the player will identify with
the protagonist, will he/she be evil, are we sympathetic towards their cause? Or is their
goal evil after all, be as imaginative as you can, as the quality of a protagonist’s
personality can make or break the outcome of this endeavour.
[li]Level-Specific Constituent Elements – This boils down to specific components,
[/li]such as layout, how the player traverses sections, will there be a door here, is it be locked?
Things that will make the level itself, interesting. This can also include things such as
individual details such as improving the lighting in a room, for example, and other such
nit-picky details I know you all love to point out.
[li]Gameplay & Progression – How does the player interact with the world, are there
[/li]enemies? Do they have a gun? Do they have to solve puzzles? All these things and more
should be considered part of gameplay.

Now, of course, I don’t expect massive essays detailing every specific detail of how it all
fits together, to appear , that’s why it’s for the entire community, if everyone suggests
an idea relating to a different aspect, then we’d have more than enough, but that’s not
what we need either. Hopefully, as people post ideas, others will rate agree/disagree, and
in turn, we’ll begin to see the general consensus of what you’d like to see in the various
stages of the levels.

What else, well if I stumble across problem areas, or things which need clarification, I’ll
either post them as and when they crop up, or leave them for the beginning of each week,
allowing you all to make your suggestions and such without any sort of distracting
problems and such.

[release][h2]WEEK 1: “In the beginning…”[/h2]
What I’ll be doing this week, is gathering initial ideas, which I’ll then begin to sketch and
work with on paper, towards the end of the week, and over the weekend, I’ll be taking
everything posted into account. I would like people to take this into consideration, coupled
with the fact that I’m taking time, when I can, to do this, so the more detail, and imaginative
suggestions you can come up with, the better!

The most important factors to think about this week, are of course, things like the Campaign’s
theme and style, as well as the initial story segment: Who is the protagonist?
Why are they there? Should they know this yet? It’s all to be thought about and decided

Like I said, I’ll be drawing a lot of the concept work myself, based on suggestions,
reference images/videos posted, and will direct my focus on the most popular suggestions,
I hope you’ll enjoy this project as much as I hope to enjoy working on it.

I’ve definitely forgotten lots of details, so check back here often, and each Monday, I’ll
post an update, featuring a roundup of the week’s ideas, and the resulting work that came
out of it all. I’m doing this, not because I’m an unimaginative prick who hides behind long
posts, but because I’ve been overwhelmed by all the well wishers and people trying to
help me out, that, given my current situation, and tools at hand, I thought this would be
a fantastic way to include you all, and try to create something different, with a touch from
all the contributing “ideas guy” in all of you.

[release][h2]CURRENT PROGRESS[/h2]
This is where all the great ideas and suggestions will be counted, tallied and applied to the
overall story, level design and such, check this space for constant updates.

Please be patient with this, it won’t happen overnight, and I plan to add to it bit by bit, as
things come together… I’ll put some example suggestions together too, to get the ideas ball
rolling… So to speak.

On a related note, a few of you may know of my current situation, but for those of you who
don’t, I’m gonna leave this little button here, so that if you appreciate the work I’m doing,
and have a few pennies lying around, can help me out too! Of course, I expect nothing in
return, and hope to see lots more ideas contributed, than pennies…

I’m in.

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I can make some levels if given some concepts to work from.

What about our post-acop oilrig seabed campaign for this?

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Also. i’m in.

Start from scratch.

aspen reporting in sir

According to Deadchicken, we give him all the ideas and he makes it?

Uh, I don’t think any of you fully understand what I’m asking of you…
Have I not made it clear enough? I tried to explain it as straight-forward as I could…

You’re asking for: “the community pools their ideas together, and suggests things they think could work, people agree/disagree, and the winning suggestions will be collected up each week, to bring the development forward.”

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Whats with FP not working and with the slowness!!

Hmm, I guess I could try to clarify some points, before everyone jumps on me for posting
lots of words with little meaning…

Post apocalyptic oil rig floating in space

fight space monkeys to rescue your family from king monkey

Hahah! No, this is good, keep em coming, it’ll be fun to see how people take this…
Just try to consider… Feasibility? I’m not making a full-on mod here, so try to
be… Reasonable.

How much effort are you planning on putting into this? I mean are you going to be making custom textures or models? or should we suggest themes based in a HL2 universe?

I feel like the community could make a few materials, like I got a few textures around that I could give out

We need something medieval :v:

I get the feeling this is going to be some kind of portfolio piece so he doesn’t want any help with mapping or texturing.

It’s more of an experiment, if you pardon the cliché, I’ll have no say in how anything looks,
or comes together, when I run into something that wasn’t specified, I’ll leave it, and query
the community on the next update, hopefully it’ll piece itself together with all the suggestions
that you guys come up with.

Regarding content, I will be working on custom content if required, but again, try to remain
within the realms of possibility, I’m not planning on spending the next 2 years on it, if that’s
what you mean, this is primarily to see what can come out of a sort of “Think Tank” so to

Eagles piloting blimps!

The player being able to see where they want/have to go, before they go there is very important.

This offers a lot to the level, like a sense of scale, as well as a sense of progress and a sense of control (the player was able to think “I want to go there” and then they end up there).

So you want us to sketch areas and ideas for you to pull off yourself? Because if i’m not mistaken you don’t want us to physicaly make a vmf but give you the ideas and objects for you to do it yourself. In this case i’d never do it because it would prevent me from saying “I made this”.

But… we shall see how this comes together over time maybe i’ll contribute something later on.

Hmm, I hope you do, because this is essentially a way for me to take a brief, which is constantly
developing, sketch, plan, layout and bring it together in Hammer, and tweak it as the story and
ideas develop too… I understand your distrust, I mean, essentially I’m taking your ideas, but that’s
not all I’m doing, this project depends entirely on all of you, without suggestions for all aspects of
a level, those aspects won’t come to fruition. My work depends on the ideas that come up in the