Deadly Encounter!

Well equipped survivors take a wrong turn upon exiting an abandoned building, potentially leading to fatal consequences.

1080p version -
1080p version without rain -

Haven’t had time to make anything worth posting until now. Spent a bit of time in photoshop glossing it up but other than that, it was all done in Garrysmod.

Tell me what you think? Criticism is encouraged :smiley:


quite a good atmosphere you’ve got going on there, could have put a lamp above the hole in the ceiling for some extra eye candy tho

Wow, I absolutely love this. Obviously there is a few things that could’ve made it better like what Joazzz said but this is great.

triggerhappy is one of the few people i’ve seen visibly improve over such a short period of time. a bit hit or miss at times but definitely improving.

Thanks for the idea. I paid more attention to the ceiling hole, adding rain and some better lighting. Think its an improvement? :o

When I compare this to you’re earlier work I defiantly see a huge improvement. cough the sponge bob pic cough. But seriously this screenshot rocks.

the angle clicks really well, it really brings the scene together

Pretty rad. I love how when you look around the image, there is either a dead body or a zombie. looks good.

Dang, this looks really good. I love the rain.

Awesome, thats great to hear actually! I’ve never made rain in photoshop before so I was a bit skeptical. Any way you think I could improve it?