Deadly Femme Sniper

I have never done this type of pose before. Waddayathink?

All in game. Just gotta love those light bulbs.

It doesn’t give the impression that Zoey’s actually looking through the scope. And Zoey and the rifle seem a bit too bright compared to the dim background, in terms of lighting.

Nice use of effects though.

She is looking strait in to the scope. I made sure of that. What the light is concerned, I think one of the light bulbs got a bit to close to her.

Looks fine to me.

The picture is ok, perhaps next time experiment with using the light tool and perhaps if you know them, a lamp for different lighting effects. The posing should be your top priority though, go for how people sit (or in this case, lay) in comfortable positions (unless it’s a “explosion next to them” sort of pose in which it is justified if twist/look strange)

why is it so shiny

Eh, guess it was just me then.

L4D weapons have more phong on some GMod maps. And of course I applied some calculated use of light bulbs as well to increase the effect.

Bloocobalt released a modified l4d weapons pack and it has all of the l4d1 weapons without super phong.

You can also set down the phong value in the script, buy since I get the weapons directly from both the L4D games with Gm_Mount2, messing with the scripts is not a good idea.

I don’t like the finger posing.

About the questionability of whether Zoey is looking down the sight or not – tilt the head and then your problem will be solved. (I mean the head of the ragdoll)


Or maybe it’s the eyeposing.

The finger on the left looks better than the right, still nice.

The lighting is very static. Use lamps.

I am better with light bulbs than lamps. Yes yes I know. No excuse.