Deadly Joke - Prologue

Okay, I have no idea what happened during the last few months I was away, because the comics get resized so I’ll just post the urls.

This time the next part is actually on the way.

Started out just fine.

Lost me around the TV screen. But i’ll look for what you do with it anyway.

Is there going to be any humor in this comic? I’m still waiting for it :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey! Wanna hear a joke? Go ahead! AXE me! Hey, wasn’t that just great, audience? Audience? You guys still rolling?

F T The audience is dead.


This’ll be good

I’m a little lost as to whether this is a serious or a funny.

Posing was good, as was the editing, so I don’t really suppose I can fault you at all. Think I’ll keep an eye on this as it develops.