Deadman's Custom Deathrun [WIP]


It’s Annoying Watching Someone Type A Big Letter For Every New Word.

And it’d be nice seeing some pictures (;

Yeah Ik Thats Just How I Type xD

Well, you can kinda quit it now, as it just wastes your time writing stuff, but will you upload some pictures?

Yeah when I get it playable

I may be able to help you with this, for free. As i’m not doing any work atm, i don’t mind giving a helping hand! :slight_smile:
Add shane_man on steam.

I’ve allready added you anyway, My name is Evolving Assassin.


<3!xD i accepted your request, thank you! :slight_smile:

Using emotes such as “xD” or whatever is generally frowned on here, try to well… not use them.

well then ok!

Post some pictures!

Its Not Playable Yet!

Any incite as to your progress with supported evidence would be quite handy for your gamemode to get any real criticism and tips.

thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

finally, someone making a deathrun gamemode

all others have been outdated or abandoned

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You might want to make hats, trials and all that into a separate add-on, for when you get more servers you will want to get the same system on multiple servers.

ok, thanks for that idea

when is it coming out?