Deadmau5 Head?

So i downloaded a deadmau5 head that comes in 3 colors (only using 1 color) from the toybox and i’m trying to figure out how to put it on my server… i got all the files for it but what do i do? D:

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here are the files i got… how do i organize them? D: btw i have no damn idea what i’m doing

:confused: no answers?

Open up the .vmt in Notepad++ or just notepad and read the line that says $basetexture. It should have a path next to it so what you do is you create the folders with the names of the path and stick the .vtf and .vmt files in it and the textures are organized.

As for the model, download the Hex Editor to open the .mdl file. It should have a bunch of squares with text in them. Read the top one and it is just like the .vmt. It has a path. Do the same as the .vmt with the folder creation and put those model files in that path. It should be good to go after that.

it just says “robotboy/deadmaus green” D:

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and also which vmt? D: theres 3

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okay so i got the models, materials and spawnicons

do i put em all in one folder and put them in addons?

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Does that look good? i put it all in one folder

So now in your materials folder in either the addon or the garrysmod directory make a folder called robotboy and put the materials in there. Make sure you do what I said with the hex editor aswell.

it worked :smiley: thanks bull04

No problem man. Any time :D.