Deadpool. AKA The Merc with The Mouth


Have fun.

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You know I was actually going to request this, haha.

Nice job!


Somehow, all the black bits lined up perfectly on the first try (had to make around 3 changes, this being the third).

Is this Deadpool from the new Spider man game ?
And btw awesome job!!

  1. No, its deathstroke skinned to classic deadpool.
  2. holy fuck that gave me an awesome idea.

Hey… from what game is this model?

Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe.
It is a reskinned Deathstroke.

Ya need to tone down the phong on him a little.

As far as I remember… in that game there’s no Deathstroke…

Says so in the link

This is great! Now with this ragdoll and the Rorschach one on we can recreate a YouTube meme!

Please don’t.

I exploded EVERYWERE!

He’s the 6th one down :effort:

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I didnt mess with the phong, but i can see about trying to edit it in the material file.

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Also, expect an Ultimate Deadpool in the near future.

ops… my mistake. :slight_smile: I tought it was from DC Univerce online. :slight_smile:

you can do This Deadpool

is a Better skin for this model

That’s a good reference, you can hardly see Deadpool.

I haven’t even seen the original Deathstroke model…

It’s on, just search on there.

IIRC, that was from this Batman/Superman annual special that was written (I think) by one of the former writers for Deadpool’s first ongoing series.